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I guess I’m going through some sort of historical/archaeological phase and visiting all sorts of interesting (and sometimes obscure) sites. It will probably pass eventually (unless I find a way to combine it with Drones!!), but until it does, the trip reports of those adventures will be plopped here.

BTW, I should acknowledge that there is a certain level of superficiality to some of these trip reports. This is not crappy writing on my part (some may disagree), but is in fact deliberate. I view most of these sites as sensitive, and know from past experience there are a number of assholes out there  who do “research” on the Innerwebz and then go out on ATVs and mess with these places. To thwart these idiots I’ve left out a lot of interesting site details that could aid in their location. The result is a somewhat watered down and bland narrative, but it’s another good example of why we can’t have nice things.  There are in fact a few substantial sites I’ve visited (three so far) that I won’t write about or even name, as I don’t want to draw any attention at all to them.

And a note about access……Unless specifically mentioned, all these sites are on public property of some sort, to the extent I can determine (and I usually spend more than a little time ensuring that’s the case). BLM, forest service or national park are my lands of choice. You know, my tax dollars and all. As far as getting to the sites, I stay on public lands and avoid posted private property or posted Indian reservation lands. The BLM has some very good maps that show land ownership, and I’ve used those extensively. There are a lot of sites I’d like to visit, but they’re on Indian land, so I won’t, unless invited.