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First Kutz Canyon Drone Imaging Attempt, April 22, 2013

Well, this was almost a complete disaster.

Jeri and I did a road trip to the base of the spine to test out a new quadcopter I had designed with just this sort of thing in mind (or so I thought). I wanted to get some oblique still images and maybe some video.

Turns out my puny design efforts were not much of a match for New Mexico’s Spring winds. For a few moments I thought I was going to lose the quad high on the slopes of the spine. While I would like to say it was my superior piloting that let me recover it, in truth I was just damn lucky. It was clear I really needed to design something better.

Rather than rehash what I’ve already written about this trip, see this link. The first location listed in my write up, “The first, unnamed site”, is in fact Kutz Canyon back when I was still keeping the site under wraps. The first picture with the quad in the far background shows the shrine peak behind it.

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