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Bluefire – An Introduction

Bluefire was a modest website I ran in the early to mid 1990s, when the web was new.  I used it as a repository for much of the information I and others had unearthed on Area 51, Bob Lazar and anything weird that struck my fancy.  By 1997, I had ceased much active updating of the site, as I had moved on to other adventures.  Despite being a stagnant site, it continued to receive hits from people with interest in the topics it contained.  However by 2007 it struck me as very outdated and overshadowed by much better and more current sites online, so I decided to shut it down.

As part of this new OtherHand.org website, I thought it would be fun to recreate the Bluefire website as a nod toward the history of the popular fascination with Area 51.  What you will see is the site as it looked in the mid 1990s, with its look and feel as close to original as possible (while still contained in the OtherHand.org framework).  Editing of the original text has been minimal, mostly to remove old email addresses and links that no longer exist.  In some cases the text refers to books, tapes or records that could be ordered from certain entities, along with pricing and contact info. These are all probably no longer valid, but I left them in as part of the record.

Likewise, there is a lot of information here that is simply outdated and no longer makes any sense. My concern is for people who by Google or other means end up directly on one of the pages and don’t realize it’s not current. On the more pertinent pages I’ve added a header that links back to here so I can disclaimer you all up.

In the interests of being true to the site as it existed at the time, I’ve left in some text that I no longer agree with, or from today’s perspective, is incredibly naive (Google Earth wouldn’t exist for many years!).  In particular, my early writings on the Bob Lazar saga I find cringe worthy, due to the neutrality I tried to maintain, trying to give him at least a benefit of a doubt.  I know a lot of things now that I didn’t know then.  There are a few spots where I felt compelled to make a comment or two, looking back at what I wrote in the previous century.  I’ve marked those editorial events with red italic, like this. I also added some cool new pics to the Helendale RCS facility page.

I should point out that all of this content has always been available, either from other websites that picked up the info when I shut mine down, or the Internet Archive for the old Bluefire site.  So my reporting of the data is nothing new, it just makes it more convenient for you history buffs.

So, for a walk down memory lane, just click on the logo below:

Bluefire logo