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What is “Blue Fire”?

Shortly after the first “UFO Convention” (a more dignified, but perhaps less accurate term than “Loonfest”) in Rachel, Nevada in July of 1991, a rather interesting memo surfaced. This memo, allegedly from within the confines of Groom Lake, was an advisory to Groom personnel, warning of the gathering and notifying everyone to stay the hell away from the UFO nuts, err…conference participants. The memo also purported to initiate a several day shutdown of base operations during the conference. (If you want to see the memo, here it is for the very first time, blackouts were made prior to my receiving it)

The memo declared a security condition it termed “Blue Fire”. Presumably, this means attack by US taxpayers is imminent. We can only speculate what the security planners might label a “Red Fire” scenario, but it probably would involve the end of the world as we know it.

Of course, there is no way of telling if the memo was authentic. Further, it is almost certain the name was changed once it became known the term leaked out. Still, it is a most intriguing term, with the just the right hint of bureaucratic flavor.

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