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Nellis Complex Facilities

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Note: If you’ve linked directly into this page you should be aware this is all very old stuff! Like ancient! For a description of what this is and how old it it is, see this intro.

Nellis Complex Facilities

(All bombs, all the time)

Just what is the Nellis Complex and how does it relate to Area 51? Well, Area 51 sits pretty much in the middle of what I’m calling the Nellis Complex (click here for map). If you want to be a stickler, its proper name is the Nellis Air Force Range (I think “complex” sounds more “gee-whiz”). The damn thing takes up over 3 million acres at last count, but they may have grabbed a few more acres when no one was looking. Enough land to setup a small country, and all the weapons needed to defend it. Although Area 51 is the focus of many visitors to the area, there are other spots to tempt the true aviation connoisseur.

If you visit the area, expect to be thoroughly entertained by all manner of things zipping across the sky. Mostly terrestrial, of course, but you never know….

Fun Places of the Nellis Complex

Area 19: More questions than answers (Caution: wild-assed speculation alert!)

Misc. Area 51/Groom Lake Stuff: Just plain weird stories and wild-ass rumors that I had to put somewhere.

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