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North Range

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From Special Nevada Report, September 23, 1991

An excerpt from Section, Facilities:

Operating as part of the North Range of the NAFR (Nellis Air Force Range), three Electronic Combat (EC) ranges provide a user selectable, low-to-high electronic threat environment. These EC ranges are:

Tonopah Electronic Combat Range (TECR). The TECR is the main, manned threat simulator range and has simulated electronic threats that include surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites with numerous anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) fire control radars to simulate a realistic array of signals. The threats are located in as realistic a configuration as possible (given the proximity to live bombing ranges) to simulate enemy air defense arrays. The presence of acquisition radars adds to the realism of the environment and provides data for command and control of the integrated air defense system.

Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range (TPECR). The TPECR contains long- and short-range strategic threat systems and associated point defense systems, along with appropriate acquisition and ground controlled intercept radars. The TPECR simulates the defense of the deep interdiction and offensive counter air targets. The TPECR is a smaller range than the TECR and has less capability, but it plays an important role in all the major exercises conducted on the North Ranges.

EC South. This range contains a limited number of electronic threat simulators representing both missiles and AAA, and provides a separate area for tactics development and training in the use of anti-radiation missiles against electronic threats. The EC South Range is not tied into the integrated air defense system of the TECR and TPECR and, therefore, does not provide as realistic a simulation of the enemy air defense system. However, using EC South is much simpler and does not require elaborate planning.

The North Range contains four unmanned weapons delivery areas in addition to the TECR, the TPECR, and EC South. All four subranges consist mainly of tactical-type targets representing airfields, SAM sites, truck convoys, missile storage sites, artillery companies, and other targets. The type of weapons authorized for delivery depends upon the target selected.

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