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Area 51 Photo Gallery

A collection of miscellaneous craziness around Area 51.

An esteemed aerospace writer (or possible IRA terrorist) test fires a new, experimental OPW (Organic Projectile Weapon) at a secret, remote desert test site.

A serious outbreak of journalists, with a minor infestation of Bats and Zeros, atop Mt. Stirling. What are these people looking at??

An Interceptor utilizing a new stealth cloaking mode (Pat. Pending) to avoid detection on Mt. Stirling.

A rare species of Water rat, indigenous to Crystal Spring at Ash Meadows

The first reconnaissance hike up Tikaboo Peak, on March 12, 1994, before the stylish Aspen crowd showed up and it became "the place to go". Glenn, Jeri and moi.

Your typical Saturday afternoon on Tikaboo, SRO...even the Swiss show up! Agent X on his ass, as usual

Tikaboo lowlifes, some babe, moi, the Rat, the Bat, Zero and Less-Than-Zero

Alexis, the youngest ascendee of Tikaboo, with cruel dad Ted. Looks like child abuse to me

The notorious Swiss Mountain Bat, perched atop Mt. Stirling. Why do they keep letting him into our country??

Agent X and the Minister searching for Batmobiles near Delamar in a 4wd Le Baron.. Or at least they acted like it was 4wd...

Agent X defending the New World Order encampment at Tikaboo Peak. Might as well support the winning side.

The Minister of Words in a BORROWED Acura NSX past Badger Spring, heading to Tikaboo

Acura never had any idea what their car was capable of

Something spotted flying out of Groom? Aurora maybe?? Alas, no. It's a model of a stealth-a-cized version of a SR-71, used for a motorcycle advertising campaign in Europe

Preparing to rappel into Leviathan Cave in August of 1996

Jeri and my ass on Mt. Stirling in 1996

Glenn being interviewed on Tikaboo Peak

Agent X on Tikaboo, impressing the Press

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