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Tonopah Test Range

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Note: If you’ve linked directly into this page you should be aware this is all very old stuff! Like ancient! For a description of what this is and how old it it is, see this intro.

The Tonopah Test Range (TTR) is a 525 square mile area (625 square miles according to new information…it apparently expanded) located at the very north end of the Nellis Complex, about 32 miles southeast of Tonopah, Nevada. The primary (paved) access is off of Hwy 6 at the north end of the facility. Dirt road access points also exist on the south and east sides of the range.

First opened in 1957, it has been a major test facility for DOE funded weapon programs. The sprawling facility is heavily instrumented with camera and radar tracking devices that record data from artillery shell testing, bomb drops, cruise missiles and rocket tests. In 1984, TTR also became host to the first F117 Stealth fighter squadron.

TTR also contains the somewhat mysterious “Site Four”, located near TTR’s eastern boundary. Little has been publicly released regarding the mission of Site Four but there are a few stories.

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