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(Note: If you’ve linked directly into this page you should be aware this is all very old stuff! Like ancient! For a description of what this is and how old it it is, see this intro. For my current take on the topic, knowing what I now know, I’d suggest a look at what I wrote in September of 2018 on Lazar and his story)

Robert Scott Lazar first came into the public spotlight in November of 1989, during a series of interviews on KLAS-TV in Las Vegas. In these interviews, Lazar told of being hired as a physicist for an extremely secret project at Papoose Lake, a few miles southwest of Groom Lake. He told of working on disc shaped craft, presumably of extraterrestrial origin, as part of his work there. His actual time on the project was quite short, and went public with the information to protect himself (or so he claims).

I started looking into his story because it (and he) seemed so believable, if you can for a moment overlook the subject matter. However, what I found seemed to be at odds with the straightforward individual portrayed in his interviews. Unfortunately, I eventually came to the conclusion that his story is quite false. I say unfortunately, because I like a good saucer story as well as the next guy, and it would be really great if it were true. I’m convinced, at least in the Great Bob’s case, that it’s not. But that’s just my opinion, and that shouldn’t matter a whole lot to you. I would much prefer you think for yourself! So have a look at some of this stuff, do some more reading, ask a few questions, and decide for yourself.

In reading over the various pieces I’ve assembled here, you may notice many of them (particularly the earliest stuff) have a much more neutral tone. Some could even be construed as supporting Lazar’s story (I flinch in retrospect!). The writings really reflect my mindset at the time of their writing, and I believe it’s fair to leave them as is.

General Lazar Background

The Lazar Flaws

A series I did examining in detail certain “problems” with aspects of Lazar’s story. Its posting on the alt.conspiracy.area51 newsgroup resulted in the posting of “counterpoints” by Gene Huff. Unfortunately, I neglected to save all of Huff’s replies (At the time I didn’t think it would be any big thing!), but I’ve included those I have. If anyone has any of the missing responses of Huff’s, fire them at me and I’d be happy to include them.
Note: Some of the pieces have been updated due to additional information received since they were originally done. I’ve tried to identify where this is the case, both in my piece and also Huff’s response.

Misc. Stuff Related to the Lazar Story

Other Lazar Related Links

Glenn Campbell’s Area 51 site: Glenn has links to a whole array of stuff on the Great Bob.

Wit and Wisdom of Gene Huff: No, it’s not a contradiction, but rather a fun collection of some of Chairman Gene’s best. (Note:  The Interceptors.com site is long gone, but it’s a shame Gene’s prose should be lost.  So I’ve linked  to an Internet Archive capture of that site in 1999.  Some of the links are buggy and no longer work, but enough’s there to get the flavor.  Be patient for the Internet Archive retrieval, and scroll way down to see it.)

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