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Gene Huff reviews the Lazar Corner

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Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 07:26:42 -0700
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From: gufon@ix.netcom.com (Gene Huff)
Subject: Your usual bullshit
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As you may have seen or heard, I haven’t been on the newsgroups lately as periodically Bob Lazar and I have to make some history so the rest of you can have lives and something to talk about. Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how comical you are. Someone emailed me and wanted me to finally look at your www page. You always try and augment your negative slant on the Lazar story while suggesting you’re neutral. You and Goober wish so badly that you could be in the limelight, yet you’re torn because without Lazar you have no limelight. It’s a scream. Then you add Farmer, the queen geek. When I read your boring, inaccurate rhetoric I’m torn between respecting you and spitting on you. No matter how badly you guys hope the Lazar movie deal has been squelched because of your efforts, it is THE most prized possession of New Line Cinema, which by the way was just passed on to Time-Warner in the sale of Turner. I thought that you were supposed to retrieve those lost responses to your flaws series via De Ja Vu to make it complete. Where are they? If you post them, people will see the first one where you suggest that Bob Lazar would rather be known as a liar and cheat than let it be known that he was adopted. They’ll know that you knowingly misinformed them in the name of discretion, at least your perverted view of discretion. Posting that would take honesty and courage, a couple of things that seem to be out of your grasp. That would show people the true you. Honest, dishonest, intelligent, stupid, hip, naive, all whenever it’s convenient. You’re a scream, a sad scream, but a scream! I don’t really think this is worthy of the the wit and wisdom of Gene Huff, do you? I guess that depends on how much stardom you’re longing for. Poor Tom.

Gene Huff

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