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Lazar Flaws – Discoverer of 115

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An interesting aspect of Lazar’s story is that he says he was the one who identified the material he calls Element 115. This material was the basic “fuel” that provided power for the discs.

From “UFOs and the Alien Presence” by Michael Lindemann:

RS (Ralph Steiner): What was your task during the ten times or less that you were out there….

BL (Bob Lazar): I hadn’t gotten into a solid work schedule. Most of the time I spent there was on demonstrations and just getting caught up on what others had done before me….

[Short skip in transcript]

BL: …Keep in mind that when I first went out there they had no idea what the fuel was.

ML (Michael Lindemann): They had not yet identified 115?

BL: I was the one who identified 115. That was my only contribution to the project. And I don’t stand on the fact that it’s 115, but if it’s not, it’s 114. It’s right in there.

PH (Physicist friend of Lindemann’s): How did you determine that? Did you put it in a mass spectrograph? How do you figure out what element it was?

BL: Well, there are many different ways, but certainly a mass spectrograph was one way. We also did all kinds of bizarre things. Los Alamos was apparently involved in some of the analysis of the 115, and I don’t know if they knew what they were doing. They were also involved in some of the machining of the 115 pieces.

[Short skip in transcript]

ML: So your contribution was identifying this stuff?

BL: Yes, and there again, this confirms what I said, that this project was apparently just being worked on for some time, several years I would imagine, and they had no idea what the fuel was. We’re talking about a very basic thing, certainly a reasonable starting point.

A review of Good’s “Alien Contact” book indicates Lazar was only at S-4 for 6 or 7 days, total, between 12/88 and 4/89. Lazar has stated at his appearance at Rachel, Nevada in 1993, that he would fly in between 4 and 5 PM and left by 11 PM. This means his TOTAL work time at S-4 must be 49 hours or less, just over a normal work week.


Consider carefully these claims by Lazar. First off, he’s on the job for the equivalent of about a week, and on top of all the other things he’s claimed to have seen or done (“getting up to speed”, the medical exam, security briefing, reading the various reports, watching the test flight, etc.) he “discovers” just what the magic material is that does all this. If true, it would seem Lazar had one of the better first work weeks in the history of mankind!

Per Lazar, none of the others at S-4 or any of the very brilliant minds at Los Alamos were able to figure out just what this stuff was despite having the material for at least a number of years. Lazar is quite correct when he said this is a very basic thing. Someone fresh out of college with a BS in Physics should be capable of making this identification. This is a scenario that makes no sense whatsoever.

Next, Lazar claims that while he was the one that identified 115, he’s not sure if it might be 114 (“But it’s right in there”). That’s not very good identification. It would seem reasonable that if you were the first to identify a new element, you would remember which one it was! Maybe that’s the real reason they decided not to keep him on at S-4.

According to the best atomic theory of today, some isotopes of element 114 MIGHT be stable and perhaps even non-radioactive. That same theory indicates 115 would be considerably less stable and likely to be radioactive. If anything, the existence of a material such as Lazar describes, disregarding the gravitational effects, is MUCH more likely as 114.

Possible Explanations:

  1. Lazar fabricated the story of identifying 115.
  2. Lazar’s identification was orchestrated to make him believe he was the first to identify the material, perhaps as a test of his analytical abilities or some sort of psychological test.
  3. The entire S-4 episode was fabrication on Lazar’s part, that for whatever reason, he believes to be real.
  4. Lazar had his mind manipulated in some manner by unknown parties and false memories have been implanted.

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