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Lazar Flaws Introduction

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With the recent arrival of Gene Huff to the Internet newsgroups, there has been a dramatic upsurge in discussions of the story related by Bob Lazar. Some of the discussion has been quite good, such as the synopsis posted by Gene.

Unfortunately, probably the majority of what’s been posted has been, to put it bluntly, crap. I suppose that is in keeping with the long standing Usenet tradition. Much of the exchanges seem to center around name calling and how much who was paid for what. While occasionally these exchanges are wonderfully amusing, progress it ain’t.

The new information about Lazar’s story is primarily contained in Gene’s synopsis. It focuses primarily on Lazar’s S-4 experiences but also includes some Los Alamos info, and names a few people who may be able to support Lazar’s claims of Los Alamos employment. But if you look carefully, the synopsis really only fills in gaps during a certain period of time, and says nothing about other major areas of Lazar’s life. In some ways it can be said that there’s really nothing new here, just new details.

The main problem with which we are faced is that all of the supposed S-4 goings-on are simply not checkable by us mere mortals. The only way we can get a sense of the accuracy of Lazar’s account of S-4 is to compare his accounts of events or situations that can be verified and extrapolate his accuracy into his S-4 story. Fortunately for us, Lazar has given quite a few interviews and has gone on at some length about his background.  This is not a foolproof way to determine accuracy, but it is a reasonable way and must be considered.

Just so there’s no mistake, I want to make it perfectly clear what my opinion is on Lazar’s story: I really don’t what’s going on here. I’m fairly confident that he has misrepresented quite a bit of his past. That in itself doesn’t necessarily mean he’s lying about S-4, but some may see a pattern. However, I’ve been fortunate to have come across some information from several different, separated sources that confirm a few elements of Lazar’s story. Nothing big, mind you, just enough little things to cause me to think SOME elements of his story may be correct.

Then there are the reports of George Knapp who says he’s talked to others who confirm an operation at S-4. Knapp is someone who I have a measure of respect for, personally.

The easiest thing to do is simply brand Lazar a liar and go on with your life. The second easiest thing would be to just believe him, and dismiss any contradictions to his story as irrelevant to the main point. The hardest thing to do is just stay neutral and try to come up with an explanation of what REALLY is going on. Am I brilliant enough to do that?  Probably not.

The Lazar Flaws is an expansion of what I originally put into the timeline, along with some new info. With the timeline, I was pressed for space to fully discuss certain aspects, and I was also trying to maintain some semblance of neutrality (Although I’m sure some out there might take issue with that!). The Flaws are areas that appear to be just that, basic flaws in Lazar’s story, things that just don’t seem right.

I will be trying to cover 6 to 8 topics in a little more depth, with each topic having its own piece. I’ll be putting them out perhaps on a weekly basis, allowing time for discussion. Frankly, I’m curious if anyone even cares. We shall see.

Each piece will consist of 3 parts. The first part, the background, will set the stage, generally using Lazar’s own words. I don’t intend to totally rehash Lazar’s entire story each time, so if you’re not somewhat familiar with it, you might want to get that way, or you’ll be left in the dust.

The next section will be an analysis of the background. Does it make sense? Are his statements contradicted by more credible sources? Finally, the piece will conclude with alternative explanations. Of course, one explanation will always be that he simply lied. However there are a number of other explanations, and in some cases may be equally plausible to the possibility he lied. I’ll list them all.

So, onward to the Lazar Flaws. Collect them all! Trade them with your friends! The first installment will be Lazar’s birth record, and hopefully we’ll work up to the grand finale, his academic record, unless I get bored or find a better use for my time.

Let the games begin….

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