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Lazar Flaws – Odds and Ends

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In assembling the data for this series, there were some areas that generated some nagging questions. While the available information didn’t suggest these areas were full fledged flaws in Lazar’s story, they are curious. Some may be easily explained, some maybe not. In any case, the following are presented for the readers to consider:

  1. Both “Omni” Magazine and Timothy Good’s “Alien Contact” reported that Lazar bought at least partial ownership in a legal brothel near Reno in the early 1980s. Good said it was called “The Honeysuckle Ranch”. “Omni” reported the investment was so profitable Lazar didn’t have to return to full-time employment for several years. However such an ownership was not mentioned in Lazar’s bankruptcy papers in 1986. A search of Nevada telephone directories failed to turn up a listing for a “Honeysuckle Ranch”, nor was it listed in the book “The Best Cat Houses in Nevada” by J.R. Schwartz (Obviously an impeccable reference!)
  2. Lazar has stated he was driven to S-4 from Groom in a bus over dirt roads. The fact that it was in a bus implies that the road would have to be in fairly decent condition, and certainly not a jeep trail. However, a review of the satellite photo of Papoose Lake, on Lazar’s very own poster, shows no evidence of such a road. Roads of varying quality do clearly show up on the east side of the Papoose Range, so the photo obviously should be able to resolve them were they there.
  3. Lazar said at Rachel in 1993, that when he got on the bus at Groom to go to S-4, usually only Dennis Mariani was on the bus with him. Only occasionally was there one other person. Yet there were a number of others at S-4, technicians, scientists and security. How did they come and go? Why was Lazar brought in at such unusual times that everyone else was already at work? Perhaps they used a different method they did not want to reveal to Lazar?
  4. Lazar has said on several occasions that, aside from the security, working at S-4 was a “dream job”. He also claims to have had a Q clearance so should be quite familiar with the requirements of working in a highly secret compartmentalized environment. Yet he easily violated all his signed agreements and oaths by freely disclosing information to his friends. He even set up three “group outings” for he and his friends to witness flight operations of what I’m sure Lazar would agree is the most secret program the US has. Why would someone familiar with government security requirements not only jeopardize his job, but also his very freedom, to do such a thing?
  5. Another part of the tale Lazar relates is that he had in his possession, apparently after he had been dropped from the program, a small quantity of element 115. He says he acquired this from contacts at Los Alamos, where Lazar says the material was machined. Lazar said his house was broken into and the 115 taken. At Rachel in 1993, Lazar added that the 115 was in PRIVATE hands. What is meant by “private hands”, and why would the government allow a material capable of a devastating antimatter reaction rest in private hands?

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