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Lazar Flaws – Theories _Huff’s Response

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From netcom.com!ix.netcom.com!netnews Mon May 15 19:36:45 1995
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From: Gufon@ix.netcom.com (Gene Huff)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.area51,alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Re: THE LAZAR FLAWS – Theories
Date: 14 May 1995 19:00:22 GMT
In <tmahoodD89yy5.9pA@netcom.com> tmahood@netcom.com (Tom Mahood) writes:

> THE LAZAR FLAWS – Theories
> Lazar is telling the truth.
> Ah, the other extreme. I can’t buy this either. If he’s being fully truthful, then why does he insist on clinging to his bogus claims of CalTech and MIT degrees? Also, with the possible exception of Los Alamos, Lazar hasn’t suffered from the mysterious loss of his records, as he’s claimed. There are plenty of Lazar records to be found.

-You haven’t proven that Bob does not have degrees from those institutions. You’ve drawn conclusions from formulas with inaccurate constants. You can fault Bob for not being forthcoming with accurate information to complete strangers, but that’s the way he is. The missing records are with the exception of Los Alamos, AND S4. The documents you’ve found are simply from varying recorder’s offices’ microfilm. I’ve noticed that others are impressed by that, but as you and I have both formerly worked for the government and know how to use that system, it’s really nothing and you know it. You don’t need to get rid of records of where Bob’s mom and dad lived and when Bob got divorced and who sneezed when to stop an investigation. The important, relevant records are missing, and even Los Alamos had been caught lying to try and disavow knowledge of Bob Lazar. I know that’s not conclusive, but neither is your assertion that there are plenty of records to be found. The important ones are gone, that’s the bottom line, and that’s what counts. I know that’s negative with regard to the education, and positive with regards to Los Alamos, but it’s reality, either way.-

> Lazar is simply retelling a story he heard from someone else who worked at Groom or Papoose.
> This theory has several variations, including the idea that he got the story while regularly visiting one of the local brothels and the story was passed on from one of the girls, who got it from her clients.

-This has to be my favorite. Especially since no one, other than you, has ever even jokingly entertained this as a possibility. This would be a great brothel. You could get laid and find out information on the most secret program in the history of the earth. Maybe even some of the secrets of the universe if you went there often enough. If that’s true, I WANT TO GO THERE, but my wife probably wouldn’t like it.-

> Lazar was at S-4, but it was a setup, and he was shown what he was “supposed” to see. He was the patsy.
> The idea behind this theory is that the government wanted to get out some dis-information (for uncertain purposes) and staged the episode for Lazar’s benefit, knowing of his association with Lear, and inability to keep it secret.

-Total BS. Lazar’s association with Lear was grand in Lear’s mind, but not in reality. If you don’t believe that Lear’s other claims are true, such as: There’s a 5 square mile roof over Area51 that the jets have to land under; We’re all being eaten by aliens; there are 2 billion aliens living in the mountains which flank the highway from Vegas to Groom, etc., then why would you believe his claims about Lazar? The government did not link Lazar with Lear and they already knew that Lear was a knucklehead anyway. Maybe you didn’t, but they did. They also had no doubts about his ability to keep a secret. His record from Los Alamos was flawless, so this is totally unsubstantiated.-

> Lazar was at S-4, but had his mind mucked with.
> While perhaps outlandish, this is an “explain it all” theory. By installing the certainty in Lazar that he does have degrees from MIT and CalTech, among other things, he’s easily discredited, and the real memories he might possess dismissed.

-Totally impossible. He stated that he had degrees before he ever worked at S4. I can substantiate this through numerous people.-

> Lazar was at S-4, but has been bought off.
> This theory holds that this entire episode was orchestrated. Lazar, due to his financial situation, was “hired” or used as part of a dis-information effort and has participated willingly.

-His “financial situation” never existed. Bankruptcy alleviates your debts. He also has a wealthy father. We covered this in your previous posts.-

> Lazar and friends have concocted the story for financial reasons.
>A theory I can’t subscribe to…Also, if it were just a money making scam, they could come up with a much better story for Lazar’s lack of educational background.

-You’re right about the chump change. You’re also right about fabricating an educational background if we desired. We could have also fabricated diplomas from Cal Tech and MIT, however, if the schools won’t back you up, there as worthless as simple claims.-


I’m sure you’ll respond to some of these posts and some of your fans need that. You see, the scenario you like best has Bob Lazar working at S4, yet you imply that you’re not certain what went on out there. However, in private Email, you’ve told me that you think that the disc program has been moved to New Mexico. If you think that it’s been moved, that means you must think that it existed to begin with. Now as you have been perceived as the premiere “Lazar Assassin”, this crushes the souls of some of your more vociferous fans. They’re going to need some psychiatric counseling to come to grips with the fact that you’re open minded to the possibility that Bob Lazar actually worked on flying saucers.

I think they’ve also seen that part of your reputation was gained when there was no one, like me, on the net to offer some reality as a counterpoint. They’ve also seen that your priorities, assertions and conclusions may differ with theirs’. I assure you that many of them find the fact that federal agencies stated that “information on Bob Lazar is on a need to know basis, and you don’t need to know”, is infinitely more significant than something that was inadvertently ambiguously stated on the old Billy Goodman radio show. They might not like to hear things like that, but inside, they know they’re more significant.

I think you did a good job, but even you must admit that anyone is at great disadvantage when all they have to base their conclusions on is recorder’s office documents and clips from old interviews. The manner in which you offered the Lazar Flaws series caused some of these problems and maybe next time we can do it a different way. What you have done is some research that others don’t have the time, or money, or motivation, or know-how, to do and they should thank you for that. You didn’t reveal anything that I didn’t know, however, I think I revealed some things that you didn’t know. I understand you’ve been invited as a guest to DB9, huh? If you show up, I’ll see you there!

Gene Huff

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