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Lazar Flaws – Theories

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Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of information put out on the Net regarding Lazar. Some of it was fresh, some older and well known. A lot of questions have been raised, but solid answers have been tough to come by.

What is the real story here? Someone probably knows, but just who that someone is, I don’t know. I do know it’s not me!

As I’ve threatened, as conclusion to this series I’ve put a listing, probably incomplete, of various theories I’ve come across. I’ve added a few comments based upon what I’ve learned. Snicker as you like.

Whatever theory you subscribe to, remember this: It needs to explain ALL aspects of the case, not just the blatant or easy ones. To come up with a theory that explains it all (The Unified Bob Theory??) is not an easy thing to do.

Lazar is lying, and fabricated the whole story.

This is the knee-jerk answer, but I don’t buy it for a second. The fatal flaw to this is that Lazar brought a pack of his friends out on 3 occasions to view operations of something very strange. Also, there has been a bit of corroboration to some parts of his story. This theory, while comforting to many, just doesn’t explain it all.

Lazar is telling the truth.

Ah, the other extreme. I can’t buy this either. If he’s being fully truthful, then why does he insist on clinging to his bogus claims of CalTech and MIT degrees? Also, with the possible exception of Los Alamos, Lazar hasn’t suffered from the mysterious loss of his records, as he’s claimed. There are plenty of Lazar records to be found.

Well hell! If he’s not lying, but not telling the truth, what’s going on? Probably something in between, making things difficult for us.

Lazar is simply retelling a story he heard from someone else who worked at Groom or Papoose.

This theory has several variations, including the idea that he got the story while regularly visiting one of the local brothels and the story was passed on from one of the girls, who got it from her clients. The major problems with this is again the educational background, the precision with which Lazar called the test nights, and also the apparent fact that government agents were witnessed at Lazar’s home by others. Further, the tale Lazar told his friends seemed to evolve over time.

Lazar had some sort of position at Groom Lake, and heard stories and rumors of Papoose.

A possibility. However given the strong compartmentalization going on, it’s highly unlikely such detailed stories would be floating around Groom. Were that the case, other Groom workers would have picked it up also, and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Lazar was at S-4, but it was a setup, and he was shown what he was “supposed” to see. He was the patsy.

The idea behind this theory is that the government wanted to get out some dis-information (for uncertain purposes) and staged the episode for Lazar’s benefit, knowing of his association with Lear, and inability to keep it secret. If that’s the case, some elements might be real (the flight test), but others false (the other 8 craft). Bringing in Lazar at lengthy intervals, essentially on his own, having him closely shadowed by security while at S-4 points in this direction. I think most of us severely underestimate the cleverness of the folks out around Groom. They are not stupid! This doesn’t deal with his academic background however. If this is indeed the case, then whoever dreamed up this operation probably got fired as a result of the major tourist influx it eventually generated. I kind of like this one, but it doesn’t explain everything.

Lazar was at S-4, but had his mind mucked with.

While perhaps outlandish, this is an “explain it all” theory. By installing the certainty in Lazar that he does have degrees from MIT and CalTech, among other things, he’s easily discredited, and the real memories he might possess dismissed. Is it real or is it Memorex? The two variations on this theory hold that the mind mucking was planned from the start as dis-information, or that it was done after he bolted from the program. The big question is do we have such mind manipulating capabilities? However, Lazar has undergone hypnosis and some cracking of such implanted memories should have occurred. Even so, I find it hard to fathom that Lazar, when presented with evidence that he never attended the schools he’s claimed, didn’t start an investigation of his own into alternate possibilities. Another theory I find somewhat attractive.

Lazar was at S-4, but has been bought off.

This theory holds that this entire episode was orchestrated. Lazar, due to his financial situation, was “hired” or used as part of a dis-information effort and has participated willingly. Part of his contract would include his insistence of his degrees, casting just enough doubt on him that his story becomes gray. His story becomes a classic mixture of truth and lies. Were this the case, then not even Lazar’s friends would know. If this theory is correct, then what actually is at S-4 is anyone’s guess. Again, another “explain it all” theory. Intellectually, I like this one a lot, but emotionally it doesn’t feel right.

Lazar and friends have concocted the story for financial reasons.

A theory I can’t subscribe to. The amount of money these boys have been pulling in is chump change, compared to if they REALLY wanted to market it. Now what constitutes chump change is admittedly subjective, but considering the time involved, ridicule and abuse, I can’t see them getting a reasonable return. Then there is the problem that some of the story has been corroborated. Also, if it were just a money making scam, they could come up with a much better story for Lazar’s lack of educational background.

Whew! Well, that’s it. Take your pick. It’s all true, and none of it’s true. If you’re looking for closure, well, I guess you’re out of luck. There are no answers, only more questions. Learn to enjoy the process, and force yourself not to leap to conclusions..the conclusions will eventually become obvious.

Above all…Think for yourself!

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