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The Papoose Lake Primer

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Note: If you’ve linked directly into this page you should be aware this is all very old stuff! Like ancient! For a description of what this is and how old it it is, see this intro.

(Given the tools of today like Google Earth and freely available sub-Meter IKONOS satellite photos, what’s listed below seems appallingly primitive.  Still, it might provide some amusement for those looking back to the good ol’ days of Area 51.  So I grit my teeth and left it all)

Why should anyone care about Papoose Lake? Aliens, of course!! According to some, it’s where our beloved government has stashed all the extraterrestrial debris that has rained down upon our planet in the last 50 years or so, the result of intergalactic student drivers. There are even some folks who’ll take the story further and suggest that ET and his buddies themselves have taken up residence there (talk about a lousy neighborhood!). Are these people nuts?! Are they just mislead? Or are they right? (or some very strange combination of all three!)

What I’m going to do is lay out all the stories I’m aware of regarding Papoose Lake, covering both sides of the issue. As you’ll see, there are points to be made for either case, some points stronger than others. Whichever side you come down on, you need to be aware of and explain these opposing points.

  • The Pros and Cons of a saucer facility at Papoose Lake. A very schizophrenic look at both sides of the argument. Make up your own damn minds! Not exhaustive, but a start.
  • Some final thoughts regarding Papoose in case you haven’t already read it.
  • Map of Papoose Lake and Groom area: (93k jpg) This map is a general location map to give you a feel for the area. It’s been compiled from a number of public sources, including various public land records, USGS maps, aerial photos, satellite photos, and the “Cammo Dude Handbook“.
  • Rendered aerial view of Papoose Lake: (55k jpg) I got some new software, Vistapro, so indulge me. This is a quicky rendering it spit out (and I’m still climbing the learning curve!) based upon a USGS digital elevation model. It’s reasonably accurate, pretty, but not perfect. Background mountains aren’t shown.

Photographs of the elusive quarry:

Peeping at Papoose: You say you have too much free time on your hands? You lack a life? Well then, this is for you, a lurker’s guide to observational opportunities of the Papoose area. Skulk to your heart’s content.

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