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Map of the Tonopah Test Range

During our move, I game upon a lot of old Area 51 related stuff I forgot I even had, and this map of the Tonopah Test Range is one such gem. I’m not sure where I even got it, but the mailing tube it was in was dated from the late 1990s with a return address of the Department of Energy in Las Vegas, presumably their reading room. There isn’t a date anywhere to be found on the map itself, so it might be a fun exercise to figure out what era it’s from. It’s clearly stamped “Unclassified” so it’s not like it’s a secret. But it is a bit odd that Googling around the Interwebz fails to turn up any maps of TTR. I guess this will fill that void and be widely stolen.

Sorry about the legibility, but it’s about the best I can do. It looks like it might be a copy of a copy. Right click to download the full sized version.

Fun fact….In the center right part of the map is visible “Site IV Area”, which Lazar hijacked for his bullshit story. If you want to know more about the real Site 4, I wrote about it years ago on my old Bluefire website.

Map of the Tonapah Test Range, date unknown