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Here are some websites I enjoy, find useful or otherwise endorse.  Not that I have any judgement.  You should know that by now…..

Area 51 wackiness

  • Lazy G Ranch:  This is probably the most subversive guy currently lurking in the desert around Area 51.  Some people talk about it, Gary heads for the desert.  And he knows more than he posts.
  • Dreamland Resort:  Currently the preeminent website on Area 51.  Anything you want to know about the place is here. Somewhere.
  • UFOmind:  Yes, Glenn Campbell’s original Area 51 website still exists for you history buffs out there, tucked away in one of Glenn’s many other web sites.
Search and Rescue
  • Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit:  My old team and the people you want to come after you if you’re in trouble in the San Jacinto Mountains.
  • Sierra Madre Search and Rescue:  Probably the best team in the San Gabriel Mountains (and a whole lot of other places!)
  • Mountain Rescue Association:  The national organization to which most all-volunteer mountain rescue teams belong.
  • NASAR:  The other national search and rescue organization that certifies individuals in search and rescue.



  • DIY Drones:  Everything about setting up your own fully autonomous aircraft
  • FPVLab:  Building, flying and crashing aircraft using FPV
  • RC Model Reviews:  A refreshing website run by an opinionated  no nonsense New Zealander

Miscellaneous stuff I find funny

  • xkcd: A geek comic.  No, I mean really geeky.  And this is the most brilliant single panel I’ve ever seen.
  • Emails from an asshole:  He doesn’t update his site often enough to suit me, but his email exchanges with the clueless make him my hero.