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JT18, 3/2/2011

Date:  3/2/2011

Participants:  Jeri and Tom Mahood

General search area:  Juniper Flats trailhead to Juniper Flats

Rationale for searching this area:  To fill in ground coverage search gaps observed on the map of the initial search effort.

Impressions of area and findings:  Very many large Junipers that blocked visibility, requiring detailed examination, but fairly easy terrain.

Coverage level:  Search area gaps were completely filled in to a high level of confidence.


The search tracks shown on the initial search map we were allowed to photograph were laboriously transferred into Google Earth.  Based upon those tracks we were able to create GPS paths for use in the field that filled in the gaps in the areas south and southeast of Juniper Flats.  This allowed us to perform a grid search of the unsearched area with high confidence of covering it completely.

GPS mileage submitted for this trip:  22.7 miles

Cumulative GPS mileage submitted to date:  289.5 miles

JT18 GPS tracks (T. Mahood)

Juniper Flats panorama looking NE towards Quail Mountain (T. Mahood)

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