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JT28, 8/13/2011

Date:  8/13/2011

Participants:  Paul Caraher, Tom Mahood

General search area:  Park Blvd. to Quail Springs

Rationale for searching this area:  

I had manipulated the image we had of the GPS tracks from the initial search enough to allow a portion of it to be imported into Google Earth in the vicinity of Samuelsons Rock without undue distortion.  It was apparent there were holes in the coverage provided by the original searchers.  We were especially interested in the flat areas southerly of Samuelsons Rock, as searchers were generally going to or coming from their assigned areas, and may have not have been alert as necessary.  This area does have considerable large brush and shrubs, providing concealment, and is around 11 to 12 miles from the Serin Drive cell tower.  We also noted a team had traveled over Quail Mountain, then northerly down a canyon leading toward Quail Spring.  Their track stopped short of there, suggesting they were airlifted out before completing the canyon.  We decided to clear that part of the canyon to the south of Quail Springs as part of this effort.  And given that it was mid-August, the heat limited the scale of the area we selected.

Impressions of area and findings:

The flat areas were easy terrain but well covered in some areas with large brush and trees.  Each significant clump of vegetation required individual investigation.  Quail Sprinsg itself was in a large bowl and easily covered, including a bit of climbing above it.  The canyon was narrow and rocky, but easy to clear.

Coverage level:

Good, but not complete.  The heat rose to a point where we decided to shorten our planned zig-zag pattern and return to the vehicle.  Quail Spring and the canyon north were adequately cleared, but there remained areas unchecked in the flats.


Did I mention it was hot?  Why yes, I did!  It’s obvious from our GPS tracks that on the way in we were carefully following our planned search pattern, but after the canyon, it was “Let’s get the crap outta here!”, and we did so.

I was experimenting with an app for my iPhone and took some 360 degree panoramas that give a feel for the terrain. The links below launch new windows to an outside site and allow you to spin the view around:

GPS mileage submitted for this trip:  17.2 miles

Cumulative GPS mileage submitted to date:  419.4 miles

JT28 GPS tracks (T. Mahood)

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