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JT29, 9/29/2011

Date:  9/29/2011

Participants:  Tom Mahood

General search area:  Park Blvd. to Quail Springs and Smith Water Canyon mouth

Rationale for searching this area:

This was a continuation of our previous search, and filled in all remaining areas bounded by the Quail Wash narrows to the north, the mouth of Smith Water Canyon and Quail Spring to the west, the mouth of Lang Canyon to the south and Park Blvd to the east.  I also knew of a small area of Serin Drive tower cell coverage high on the slopes, well above Quail Spring, so since I was in the area….

Impressions of area and findings:

The flat portions were as we had experienced previously.  The climb up the slope above Quail Spring was again rugged, reminiscent of the Smith Water slopes.  Large amounts of rock outcroppings requiring slower searching.

Coverage level:

The flats had been fully covered by that point, in my opinion.  The slopes were checked for the more obvious and likely spots.


The slopes seems an unlikely spot for Bill to be, but I did pick up a Verizon cell signal and was about 11 miles from the tower, so it was worth a look.  Looking northerly down Quail Wash from my high point, the homes of Joshua Tree looked deceptively close.  The area shown in the image below, from the label “Quail Wash” and beyond, is the area Patrick and I had searched on JT25.

GPS mileage submitted for this trip:  12.6 miles

Cumulative GPS mileage submitted to date:  432.0 miles

JT29 GPS tracks (T. Mahood)

JT29 Looking northeast down toward Quail Wash and Joshua Tree homes (T. Mahood)

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